Project references


  • Client: privat villa
  • Place: Östersund, Sweden
  • Architect: Pål Ross
  • Construction: 2005-2006
  • Photo: Mikael Damkier
  • Material: Offerdalskifer tørrmur og Otta Pillarguri gulvfliser og peis-/benkeplater
  • Awards: European property awards 2014, Best Architecture Single Residence Sweden 2013, Sweden's most beautiful villa 2009, Best new building adapted to local building tradition 2009

Villa Victor

Nothing in nature is square, so why should a house be?

The villa is approximately 350 square meters and built in two levels in sloping terrain on a hill. With the desire to create an illusion that the house was carved out of a rock, the exterior is characterized by a round shape and large amounts of drywall in the Offerdal quartzite. The stone creates a great contrast to the white walls in concrete that make up the rest of the exterior. From the main floor you have panoramic views of 180 degrees, where you can see all the way to Norway on a clear day.

The exterior may seem pretentious, but both exterior and interior are simultaneously characterized by simplicity and consistency in terms of expression, material choices and surfaces. To create a bridge between the outside and the inside, the nstone is used also indoors. The bathroom is the owner’s favorite room – a room dominated by the stone. Round walls in the Offerdal quartzite drywall are artworks in themselves, while Otta Pillarguri phyllite adorns floors in the kitchen and bathroom as well as slabs for countertops and around the fireplace.

The round shapes along with an efficient floor plan provide very beautiful and imaginative rooms that are well-connected to the surrounding nature and stunning views. Consistently and simplicity, but also large houses with dominant positions, are characteristics that are found in the local building tradition, and therefore “Villa Victor” appears as an example of imaginative innovation based on tradition and environment.