Project references


  • Client: Vallentuna Municipality
  • Architect: Lars Gauffin
  • Landscape architect: Nyréns arkitektkontor
  • Contractor: MVB
  • Stone supplier: Minera Skifer

Vallentuna library and arts centre

Wood and natural stone have been used to give Vallentuna’s library and arts centre a contemporary and cutting-edge look.

The park and entrance lobby have been designed to create meeting places with a sense of local identity. Sawn slabs of Offerdal quartzite in varying lengths and widths give the entrance lobby and sloping ground outside the library a feel of rhythm and variation, while the high mica content means that its appearance changes constantly in response to varying light conditions.

Gently shaped slate walls provide a clear frame for the planting while supporting the park’s lay-out, and the curved steps leading down to the park’s epicentre are made from blocks of raw slate with polished, almost glass-like surfaces which create a reflective interplay with the building’s glass facade.