Project references


  • Architect: Christian Heinrich Grosch in 1841
  • Stone supplier: Jogra Steinindustri
  • Photo: Margrethe Geelmuyden
  • Photo panarama: Wolfmann

The University Garden

The University Garden is a park on the area for the university buildings by Karl Johans gate in Oslo. The garden is located between the university buildings and the streets Universitetsgata, Kristian IVs gate and Frederiks gate. The garden is owned by the University of Oslo and is fenced, but open for the public.The park was part of Christian Heinrich Grosch ‘drawings over the university facility when construction began in 1841. The buildings were finished in 1852. It is unknown what year the park was completed.

The University with its garden was protected by the Cultural Heritage in 2001. Light Oppdal quartzite crazy paving provides a beautiful and sustainable paving to last for generations to come.