Project references


  • Client: Tjuvholmen Utvikling AS
  • Architect: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS
  • Stone supplier: Ellingard Collection


This building enjoys a superb location with an open, west-facing façade and back wall facing Fru Krogh’s Pier and an east-facing façade facing Kavringen Pier. The terrain slopes down towards the piers to the south and is characterized both by the open fjord square with its green spaces and the more urban street environment.

The building is particularly blessed when it comes to light and views. This is why a facade combination featuring plenty of glass and horizontal slate bands was chosen. Otta was selected here as the client wanted a material that will withstand the test of time and create a beautiful, warm colour spectrum.

The horizontal bands of Otta phyllite run across all the building’s levels. Their height is approximately 100 cm and the widths vary. Where there are balconies, the Otta material follows the front panels of these, while the transparent glass railings are of the same height as other Otta bands. The parts of the facade facing the balconies have been clad with wood to create a surface more reminiscent of furniture, in contrast to the Otta cladding which evokes natural elements. By applying the Otta cladding and the design of the facade also to the balconies, we create consistency and the balconies are perceived as an integrated part of the building, despite their individual design and use.