Project references


  • Location: Lyngby Campus, Denmark
  • Year: 2016
  • Client: Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • Architects: Christensen & Co and Rørbæk og Møller
  • Awards: DETAIL Prize 2018 and The Carpenter Award 2017
  • Photo: Adam Mørk

“The Biosphere” – DTU

An ambient Biosphere.

The new building for Life Science and Bioengineering is, with it’s 38.800 m², the largest project since the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was inaugurated in the 1960s. ⁣The building rises from the ground opening up into a warm wooden interior where the atmospheric atrium – the Biosphere – unites researchers from different institutes. Here daylight flow from large skylights – meeting the natural stone flooring of Offerdal quartzite and oak-clad boxes that almost float in mid-air. The flooring tiles has an antique brushed surface which “fits” the age of the stone itself: made by Scandinavian nature 650 millions of years ago.

Throughout the construction process – social, economic and environmental sustainability has been a main focus area.

In 2018 the Biosphere won the DETAIL Prize and in 2017 The Carpentry Award.⁣ ⁣

Material deliverance:

2000 m² Offerdal quartzite tiles, antique brushed surface 30 cm x rl, t: 12 mm.
1300 m² Offerdal quartzite paving, natural surface 30 cm x rl. t: 40-60 mm/20-30 mm.
400 m² Offerdal quartzite paving, natural surface in various special formats.