Project references


  • Location: Trondheim, Norway
  • Year: 2010-2012
  • Client: Statnett SF
  • Architect: Rambøll Stavanger
  • Contractor: NCC Construction AS
  • Photo: Modena Fliser

Statnett Strinda

Statnett’s new administrative building at Strinda, outside Trondheim, has become a modern building. The choice of materials was rooted in the company’s values and there was a desire to allow the building to project the client’s identity as a modern, dependable and timeless company. At the same time is was a wish to achieve the best possible harmony with the surrounding buildings.

Statnett is the system operator in the Norwegian energy system and also responsible for the connections to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands. For obvious reasons they chose to build an energy-efficient office building that meets the passive house standard.

The exterior, clad mostly with Oppdal quartzite, contributes to an expression of weight and solidity. The material chosen for the building’s communal spaces was copper – a material intended to lead the thoughts towards the activity of the company.

Material deliverance:

400 m² Light Oppdal Minera Horisontal facade panels 40 cm x rl (between 50-90 cm), t: 15 mm