Project references


  • Location: Ryfylket, Norway
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Privat
  • Architect: Resell + Nicca, Pir II arkitekter
  • Photo: Ketil Jacobsen, Olav Resell

Private cabin Ryfylket

The cabin is located on a lush little island northeast of Stavanger. In this area, weather and wind can sometimes be tough. This was taken into account through the shape and choise of material. Furthermore, there was a wish that the distinction between the roof and the facade should be wiped out and that the cabin should appear as an object with one complete shape. The formats of the material were preferred having a traditional shape.

Otta Pillarguri phyllite is a flexible, weatherproof and frost-proof natural material. In addition, it possesses unique visual features; the schist is dark charcoal grey and contains small amounts of iron oxides and sulfides. Through their natural transformation, they are the source to a golden patina if the schist is used outdoors. The minerals also provide a facade that changes throughout the days different lighting and weather conditions. The color reflects all the colors from the nature. And even better; the color will change over time- just like the surrounding nature.

Being a natural material, produced locally as a craftsmanship in Norway, made it possible to have tailor-made formats. The diamond-shaped slabs are 915 x 625 mm. They are fitted with an overlap of 76 mm
in height and 81 mm in length. The slabs are attached with nails on 148 mm wood battens. Outdoors, crazy paving and stepping stones of Oppdal quartzite creates relaxing areas.. The final result is an overall unique, beautiful and sustainable architectural design.

Material deliverance:

600 m² Otta roofing/facade panels 91,5 x 62,5 cm, t: 12-20 mm.
Light Oppdal crazy paving large, t: 30-40 mm.