Project references


  • Location: Østersund, Sweden
  • Year: 2009
  • Client: Østersund municipality
  • Architect: Vesa Honkonen Arkitekter AB
  • Contractor: Attacus Mark & Maskin
  • Photo: Tommy Andersson

Østersund Square

Østersund’s main square, with its unique location on the edge of Lake Storsjøen, was built more than 200 years ago. Having lost its original function as a marketplace, Østersund council wanted to recreate the square.

The square was split into two different areas, one smaller side component and a larger, central hub. The square itself, covered with Offerdal quartzite, is used as a marketplace, for major large events and for sleighing and skiing in winter. Østersund’s new square was completed in autumn 2009.

Material deliverance:

3200 m² Offerdal paving natural surface 20/30/35 cm x rl, t: 60-70 mm.