Project references


  • Location: Sola municipality, Norway
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Jåsund Utviklingsselskap
  • Design: Norconsult
  • Photo: Ketil Jacobsen

Myklebust sea bath

The world’s most beautiful seaside bath?

The Myklebust sea bath is located on the coastal path that runs from Tananger and north along the Jåsund peninsula.

The nature in the area is dominated by rock outcrops and heather meadow. With the aim of making the least possible visual intervention as well as providing easy and most natural maintenance, light Oppdal quartzite crazy pavings were chosen as material. The bath is weathered, with tough conditions during the winter months, so durable strong materials were a demand.

The bathing facility was officially opened in August 2015 and has become very popular. The pool is supplied with seawater naturally, and the water circulates by the natural water level changes and wave activity. The pool is landscaped with the least amount of nature intervention, and fits well into the coastal landscape of archipelago and islets. The pool has a sandy bottom.

Material deliverance:

150 m² light Oppdal crazy paving large, t: 20-30 mm.