Project references


  • Architects: Jensen og Skodvin Arkitektkontor
  • Client: The Oslo Joint Parish Council

Mortensrud Church

Mortensrud Church in Oslo represents a significant renewal in church architecture. The choice of materials used in the building reflects the intention of its architect to integrate the building into its surroundings and to create stylish visual experiences.

To the outside world, the church presents walls of dry stone construction and large, solid glass surfaces. But inside, behind the glass surfaces, on the, there are also dry stone walls constructed from quartzite. Having the dry stone walls continue inside the church confounds the expectations of most people.

On the outside, the dry stone walls appear to be supporting the building and as if rooting it to the mountain. Inside the church, it is as if the glass surfaces are supporting the quartzite walls. The dry stone courses, laid with open gaps between the stones, allow in daylight to give a constantly shifting play of light.