Project references


  • Location: Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Town of Helsingborg
  • Architect: Tengbom Architects
  • Contractor: NCC
  • Awards: WAF 2016: Nominated in the category "Transport" and "Small Projects".
  • Photo: Felix Gerlach

Helsingborg Central

Helsingborg Central Station, Knutpunkten, has gotten a new southern entrance. But “The South Entrance” is far more than just a shortcut to the tracks – it is a landmark.

The architects at Tengbom have transformed an anonymous back side into a beautiful front side. The building is designed as a sculptural element to stand out in an area where so many people head south every day. The entrance has contributed to increased traffic safety through new traffic flows.
A further aim is to promote cycling in the city.
A total of 450 bicycle spaces have been created between the entrance steps and freely on an open platform. There are also other facilities such as a pump, a repair station and lockers.

The architectural main idea of a collective roof is based on a concept of creating a sequence between the top and the bottom. The sculptural timber roof has a neutral and square plan shape, which is carefully modified in each section. The combination of a vaulted bottom and a curved top in the direction of the tracks creates associations with both motion and the softly undulating topography of the City Park. The roof rests on two Oppdal quartzite-clad walls that seem to grow up from the track area. The Oppdal quartzite has a silk brushed finish that gives a beautiful Scandinavian expression in many shades of gray. Each tile has a width of 30 cm and various lengths from 45-110 cm. Simple glass panels have been used as extra protection against the elements. Even the lighting design has been influential to the project, where the primary light source for the roof of the bike rack is indirect and hidden. Two existing emergency stairways were torn down and the shafts transformed into circular drop of daylight onto the platforms, with benches at ground level.

Material deliverance:

300 m²light Oppdal silk brushed facade panels, 30 cm x rl (between 45-110 cm), t: 30 mm.