Project references


  • Architects: Röing Arkitekter AB
  • Client: Byggnads AB Bröderna Persson
  • Building contractor: Skanska
  • Stone contractor:
  • Stone contracts: Hessleholm AB

Erik Dahlberg

Following a huge blaze in 2005, just about half of the Erik Dahlberg quarter in Kristianstad had to be rebuilt. The new building was finished by 2007 and it has been well-received by both local residents and visitors.

The building houses shops on two floors, two office premises and twelve apartments accessed via the inner atrium. The atrium also fulfils a role as a shared outdoor area, the client having emphasised the creation of a warm outdoor environment.

Otta phyllite was chosen for the organically curved wall and terrace surfaces. Reflections from the stone delineate and emphasise the organic forms, while the play of colours creates an enhanced perception of depth in the facades that enclose the intimate atrium.