Project references


  • Location: Hanover - New Hampshire, USA
  • Year: 2009-2012
  • Client: Dartmouth College
  • Architect: Machado and Silvetti Associates
  • Environmental certification: LEED Gold
  • Photo: Anton Grassl/Esto

Dartmouth College – Black Family Visual Arts Center

This sustainably designed 105,000 square-foot Black Family Visual Arts Center is home to the Studio Arts Department, Film & Media Studies, Digital Humanities and the Loew Auditorium. The building contains classrooms, art galleries, a film screening room, production studios and administrative offices.

Named in honor of the donors Leon and Debra Black, the Black Family Visual Arts Center at Dartmouth College features an exterior massing that strikes a balance between the conservative brick facades elsewhere about campus and a desire for transparency, enticing passersby to experience the exhibited works.

Most of the façade is the warmly toned weathering natural stone, Otta Pillarguri, interspersed with alternating bands of windows and expansive planes of glass that obscure the often private development of the arts but boldly broadcast the finished installations. The façade of Otta Pillarguri was personally chosen by the donors themselves after they had been impressed by the same façade at the Boston Public Library (Honan-Allston Branch).

The interior design of the center is an inversion of the exterior, featuring a large central gathering and showcase hall referred to as the art forum, which is replete with glass and balconies.

Material deliverance:

1100 m² Otta rust facade panels with honed edges 30 x 60 cm, t: 30 mm