Project references


  • Location: Tautra, Norway
  • Year: 2006
  • Client: Tautra Mariakloster
  • Architect: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS
  • Contractor: NCC Construction
  • Awards: Building of the year 2006. Forum AID Award 2007, Mies van der Rohe prize for Architecture 2006, Marmomac International Stone Award 2007
  • Photo: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitekter

The Tautra Convent

Not very far from the ruins of a medieval Cistercian monastery, on the island of Tautra in central Norway, seven Cistercians nuns, with the help and support of countless others, have established themselves and built a monastery in 2006.
The simple spaces of the convent on Tautra inspires calm and insight, enhanced by the meeting with the immediate landscape and the dramatic scenery beyond.

The convent part is built as a closed building with interior gardens. It is 80 meters long and 21 meters wide, a total of over 2,000 square meters of floor area. While the convent section is a closed world, the church hall is open to the public. The openness manifests itself also in the building, which has a roof that provides views to the heaven above.

The main structure of the building is of laminated spruce, framed in with laminated timber beams. and is open and visible inside. The roof is constructed in a way that allows the light to let in and make an ingenious pattern on the walls. Over the wooden ceiling construction, there is a glass roof roof on a framework of aluminum. It allows you to take part in the scenic surroundings of the fjord and mountains.

The façade is clad in Otta Rust. The Otta phyllite provides a beautiful color range, that over time will develop an ever more beautiful patina. The façade is attached with hooks and it represents a very durable and maintenance free façade.

The convent was awarded with the price “Building of the year” in 2006. The Jury stated: “It has a clear environmental profile. It has an interesting architecture. It is complex and involves the use of different materials in a very good way.”
Other awards: Forum AID Award 2007, Mies van der Rohe prize for Architecture 2006, Marmomac International Stone Award 2007.

Material deliverance:

500 m² Otta Pillarguri black and rust facade panels 73 x 30 cm, 73 x 40 cm, 73 x 50 cm.