Project references


  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Year: 2013
  • Client: Natural History Museum
  • Architects: Hedda Fjermestad Aase, Cecilie Lande Andersen
  • Photo: Ketil Jacobsen
  • Material: light Oppdal quartzite

Botanical Garden

Siebke’s bench of schist in the Botanical Garden, carries traces from the Earth’s prehistoric era and up until today. It tells the story about white sandy beaches at a prehistoric oceanside, in turbulent times when high mountain ranges rose up from the ocean. It carries the story of the use of schist as a material from the stone age and to the present time.

The beautiful slabs are shaped by stone masons who really know the stone and the craftsmanship. The bench reflects the architects desire to create something functional and beautiful with natural materials.

The tree is a very old Turkish hazel, the oldest tree present in the Botanical Garden. It has been there since 1855, and has seen Tøyen in Oslo transform from an agricultural area to a city center.