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Chimney caps

Tørrmur - Bruddheller til tak - Pipehelle
  • Range of applications:

    Chimney caps are used as an upper end on top of a chimney.

    Rustic finish is a term for a rough and robust finish.

  • Advantages:

    • Decorative.
    • Improve the hearth’s draw.
    • Production and processing does not involve harmful emissions.
    • Extremely long lifespan gives low life cycle costs.
    • A natural product.

Standard selection:

The following shows Minera Skifer’s standard assortment. We also supply required measures on request.

We also supply cornerstones, top stones and edging for turfed roofs of required measures.

Chimney caps 20-40 mm 600×600, 700×700, 800×800, 900×900, 1000×1000, 800×1200 mm
Chimney caps 30-40 mm In desired measurements
Chimney caps In desired measurements