Product groups

Mosaics and strips

  • Range of applications:

    Mosaics and strips can be used on floors and walls.

  • Advantages:

    • Unique look with a grey-blue play of colours and a 3D effect impossible to imitate.
    • Exclusive. Otta Pillarguri occurs only in the mountains around Otta.
    • Easy to fit. Same principle as for ceramic tiles.
    • A wide range of different widths, thicknesses and finishes make it easy to customize.
    • Suitable for sloped bathroom floors.
    • Suitable as a contrast to larger tiles.
    • Enhances the overall appearance.
    • Due to small volume, price is of secondary importance.
    • Production and processing does not involve harmful emissions.
    • Extremely long lifespan gives low life cycle costs.
    • A natural product.

Standard selection:

The following shows Minera Skifer’s standard assortment. We supply strips of other required widths on request.

Strips, natural 8-17 , 10 mm 30, 50, 80 mm x rl
Strips, brushed 8 mm 30, 50, 80 mm x rl
Mosaic, brushed 6 mm 50 x 50 mm on net 300 x 300 mm
Mosaic, brushed 6 mm 100 x 100 mm on net 300 x 300 mm