Otta in the Goliat platform

In January 2011, Minera was contacted by the interior achitekt Tove H. Skjetne Ness at Noa Design Stord. The interior architect wanted help with descriptive texts for Otta phyllit to a floor of a platform that was to be built in South Korea. After proposed description was sent to the interior designer, it was quiet until February 2012. Then a requests came from a subcontractor for the Hyundai -shipyard Ulsan in South Korea.

Minera is normally only a manufacturer of Natural stone. There are dealers, artisans and entrepreneurs who take care of installation and detailing on the building site. During a journey in China in 2013, Terje Holstad from Minera Skifer was asked to meet with GTF Korea and with representatives from the oil company ENI. Subcontractor GTF and ENI declared then that Minera would be responsible for the entire reconstruction of the floor in the living quarters on the platform.

The delivery to Korea is not large, not larger than to a private house or a small public mission. Whats so special in this project is that there had to be developed a very detailed documentation, and the distance to the construction site is of course also special. We joked several times about that the requirement for proof of the Otta floor was on the level with documentation requirements for the gas turbines on the platform.

After returning from Korea there was developed procedures for all activities. Product sheets for all products and a lot of documentation was collected, as normal for deliveries to the oil industry. Since the platform will operate on a Norwegian oilfield, and since the operator for the field is an Italian oil Company, it should be Norwegian and Italian materials chosen for the interior. Special ceramic tiles from Italy were obtained. All materials for assembly, glue, primer and grouts were obtained from the adhesive manufacturer Alfix in Denmark. Even preservatives and soap for daily care of the floor should be delivered.

As normal in the oil industry, there came a request for making a Mock-up” of GTF in Korea. A “Mock-up” is in this case a full-scale structure of a small part of the floor. A few hundred kilograms of Otta, ceramic tile, adhesives and sealants was to be sent by air to meet deadlines. In addition ,  Terje Holstad in July 2013 again make the long trip to monitor a test installation of a few square meters of Otta. The installation was carried out under the supervision of the shipyard and the oil company. The experiences from this work was incorporated in the revision of the procedures.

In the floor there was drawn a large circle of Otta phyllit and ceramic tile. This circle was made by water jet in the Company “Frank Smed” locally in Oppdal.

Various delays with the construction of the platform led to a delay. The installation of the 118 m2 of floor did not get started until July 2014. Again Minera Skifer was asked to og oversee to supervise the installation work on the platform. Due to other tasks, Minera had to procure another person to this operation. Finn Veli Ella Niemi took up on the mission. Veli completed installation in an excellent way. The representative of ENI declaired Veli as an artist and  ENI was very satisfied with the collaboration, the accuracy and capacity of Veli.

This spring Goliat sails halfway around the globe and up to the Barents Sea, northwest of Hammerfest. The mission was successful thanks to our own staff at Otta and good assistance from Alfix in Denmark and Frank Smed in Oppdal. We thank you all for a small, but special mission – far far away from home.