9 reasons

  • Everlasting

    It takes 800 million years to form – and an eternity before it starts looking tired.

  • Classic

    It has been a part of Norwegian building tradition for 400 years – and it has remained unchanged.

  • Sustainable

    Not machine-made, but
    harvested from nature.

  • Maintenance-free

    It keeps its looks year after year – without any maintenance.

  • Natural

    It is a piece of the natural world – the way it was millions of years ago.

  • Unique

    It has its own look. Every
    piece is entirely unique.

  • Strong

    Tolerates anything, harsh winters and active lives – year after year, and generation after generation.

  • Yours

    It comes with a story.
    Let that story be yours.

  • Beautiful

    It brings the natural world into your life. Could anything be more beautiful?